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My name is Grant Walker

I'd like to welcome you to Arrhythmic Audio, a manifestation of my passion for content creation, where I have intentionally consolidated all of my skills under one banner.

Over the course of more than two decades, I have been honing my craft in writing, performing, recording, mixing, and producing music. I've worked with dozens of artists over my career. Additional I have accumulated an extensive collection of personal recordings that have never been officially released - until now.

I was thrilled to release of "Drive at Midnight," which debuted on 03.03.23, which marked the start of my journey to release every semi-finished song in my collection. This process has been incredibly liberating, and I invite you to join me on Instagram to share my journey.

In addition to my music releases, I take immense pleasure in sharing my expertise and discussing all things music-related. For this reason, I have launched the Arrhythmic Audio YouTube channel, where I delve into tracks and offer insights into my tricks of the trade.

All of my songs are available on Spotify, and if you are interested in booking my production, mixing, or recording services, please click the button below.

This site has a curated collection of my work as a Producer, Engineer, and Artist.

Thank you for visiting Arrhythmic Audio, and I hope to collaborate with you soon.

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Upcoming Releases

List of Upcoming Releases


Recorded in a Nashville basement sometime in 2007, "Capsized" was a turning point for me creatively. My friend Scott Calpin came over to hang out, jam, and do some recording. We decided to tackle one of my more recent songs, but lacked the instrumentation to do a full production. However we didn't let that stop us.

As a result we wound up playing the house itself as a drum. Stomping on stairs replaced kick drum, clapping replaced snare, tapping on windows and banging on railings replaced hi-hat, and Scott even hit the support beam of the house with a wooden hammer to replace cymbals. It was the moment I realized that being placed in a "box" can be the best thing creatively for a song. Do not under any circumstance allow for the lack of gear hinder your ability to create.

Despite being recorded on a cheap Tascam using two MXL mics and cheap instruments... The song itself is among one of my favorite recordings. The mix features no compression, EQ, Reverb, or automation (though there is some in mastering). 

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Recent Releases

Most recent releases of my music.

Drive at Midnight - Final.png

"Drive at Midnight"

For my first ever musical release, I chose a chill instrumental track that took me just 4 days to write, record, mix, and master. It was originally created with the intention of making a YouTube tutorial explaining how to layer Nashville strung guitars. However, I fell in love with the track and quickly fleshed it out into a final piece.

I chose this as my first release, because it felt low pressure. It's something I am proud of, but not emotionally attached to. It's intended to be a good soft launch, and give me time to sort through my back catalog.

Production Work

Below is a selected collection of song I have worked on. Most of the tracks I produced, recorded, and all of them I mixed. 



Jordan Gruver is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in the vibrant music scene of Los Angeles, California. Her music fuses sophisticated melodies with cinematic soundscapes, exploring the crossroads of folk, pop, and jazz with influences encompassing the likes of Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers and Norah Jones. 

Jordan’s debut single "Proximity” echoes her Sonoran Desert roots with its expansive and atmospheric arrangement, and is the title track from her upcoming debut LP. The poignant lyrics convey the universal themes of change and indefiniteness. 

Featuring all original material, the album Proximity was captured in just four days at the renowned Rancho De La Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, California. Its warm and understated production perfectly complements Jordan's eclectic and evocative songwriting, balancing modern motifs with timeless appeal. 


Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 9.40.58 AM.png


Max Fite is an alternative desert rock band hailing from Los Angeles. The music features gutteral guitar hooks, infectious vocal melodies, and earth shaking drum beats. Frontman Max Fitelson's lyrics are honest and reflective. They feature themes of addiction, struggle, and redemption.

Recorded in 2019 at the desert rock mecca Rancho De La Luna, "I Disappear" was originally meant to be a simple piano ballad. As the record's overall production grew in scope, so did the track.

I Disappear is a sonically cinematic experience that crescendos from a single piano to a cacophany of sound.



Amanda Cross is a singer-songwriter hailing from the gritty streets of New York. With influences from country to classic rock, Amanda's vocal sytle is powerful and timeless.

During lockdown in 2020, Amanda recorded a few tracks with her husband Derek Cruz, and his brother Jordan Asher Cruz (BOOTS). Among those tracks was an incredibly inventive cover of "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. Eventually the track were sent to me to flesh out and finish. 

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